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 Dear Murthy
Delight News is very intersting and welldone.
It seems to me a labor of love by a Journalist with a heart for people,
their well-being and their knowledge.
Its widerange coverage of scientific and human interest topics is a real service to all of its readers.
Congratulations to you on your fine work!

Barry H.Smith MD Ph.D (on behalf of Dreyfus)
for Dreyfus Health
Foundation,NewYork US

Dear Mr. Punna Krishna Murthy
Namaste (nemasete in Avesta and namâz-be-to in modern Persian)!

I have visited your delightful website and enjoyed it. Congratulations! Please do as you see, the sweet memories I carry in my manas/manah/mind.

You are always welcome to contact me and I will be obliged to be of any service to our Indo-Iranian heritage.

Wishing you vasishtha vasu/vahishta vahu/behin behi/best good,

Ali A. Jafarey

Dear Krishna Murthy

I am realy happy to read something about me friends in India.
The meeting and the ceremonies of” “Shamapana Sammelan” must have been great.

I can never forget the impressions in Tirupati.
This impressiv walk through the Tirumala forest ,
the beautifull flowers, the small shrines of all your powerfull gods...
...and my good companions (friends, guides).

Dr. Rosemarie Oswald, email:volcanotours@gmx.de

 Dear Mr. Murthy,

Thanks for the kind words and great tribute.

Sam Pitroda

I am happy to note that Delight Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., which generated interest among the people towards scientific subjects by organizing the maiden seminar on Helium, is bringing out Delight News monthly magazine and supporting the journalist driven portal delightnews.com.

I wish you all success.

Dr. B.G. Siddarth
Director General
Birla Planetarium
Indians those who are migrating to foreign countries are called non-resident Indians.

Those who stay back in India are resident non-Indians.
In this context, it is hearting to note that 'Delight' is bringing out the national values.


Dasarathi Rangacharya
Akhsara Vaachaspathi
Hyderabad, India
I am very much aware of senior journalist Punna Krishna Murthy and his family background. I can confidently say that under his able editorial guidance, Delight News will promote high values.

GVG Krishnamurthy
Former Election Commissioner of India
New Delhi