Ayodhya and Bhadradri

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Ayodhya Ram was different from Bhadradri Ram. Ayodhya Ram was naïve and innocent. He was obedient disciple of his Gurus. Sometimes He acted against His consciousness. The politics of Ayodhya sent him in to the forests. Ram’s newly wedded wife Sita and his brother Laxman followed him.

Bhadradri was different for Ram. Out of fourteen years exile period Ram and Sita spent Ten years of life happily in Bhadrachalam on the banks or River Godavari. As Valmiki said; Ten years passed like ten minutes for the couple. In the next year they would complete their forest life and go back to Ayodhya.

Sage Agastya came to Bhadradri and was very happy to see Ram and Sita along with Laxman. He said with Ram ‘You are fortunate to have Sita the daughter of the soil as your wife. She is not like other ambitious women who demand for wealth, Gold, clothes and vehicles.

Agastya suggested them to spend rest of their life on the hill (Adri) which would be Safe (Bhadram) for them, before returning to Ayodhya. Bhadradri was the ‘safe hill’ for Ram and Sita’s wedding life.

Sita was happy with Ram but unhappy with Ram’s way of dealing with people in Dandakaranya. She asked Rama whether it was proper to to punish the people in forest areas applying the laws of urban land. Carrying weapons would turn one’s mind to the path of violence. Sita advised Rama to give up his weapons and lead the life of Sage.

But, Ram had other thoughts. Since he was a representative of King Bharat of Ayodhya, Ram thought it was his duty to safeguard law and order. But, Ram and Laxman who were carrying weapons did not know the real danger in the form of desire in Surpanakha. They were unaware that they were playing with the fire! The consequences were drastical.

Realisation dawned upon Ram that weapon alone was not a solution for all the ills. He followed the diplomatic path and made friendship with Sugriva. Took the help of Hanuman from freeing Sita from the clutches of Ravan. After returning to Ayodhya Ram ascended the throne with Sita. Ayodhya did not allow Sita and Ram to continue their happy wedded life as Queen and King.

Out of three faces in the Life of Ram Southern people like the phase of Bhadradri Ram. People celebrate Ram’s birthday as their marriage day in Bhadrachalam. The temple was constructed by Ramdas with the revenues collected for Golconda king Tanisha. The King liberates Ramdas from imprisonment and as a token of Respect Tanesha send’s pearls for Sita and Ram’s marriage. The tradition is still being continued by the state governments whichever party may be in power. Let’s hope Ajodhya understands Bhadradri!

On the occasion of Bhadradri Sita Ram’s wedding,
Happy Sri Ram Navami to the readers.

Krishna Murthy Punna
Image by Bapu

అమరావతి స్తూపం

అమరావతి లో గౌతమ బుద్ధుని అవశేషాలను పూజల నిమిత్తమై పొందుపరచి వాటిపై కట్టిన కట్టడమే అమరావతి స్తూపం. ఇది ఒక పర్యాటక అకర్షణ. క్రీస్తు పూర్వము 2వ శతాబ్దము, క్రీస్తు శకము 3వ శతాబ్దముల మధ్య కట్టబడి ఉన్నత స్థితిని పొంది, బౌద్ధం క్షీణతతో మరుగున పడి. 1797 లో మరలా వెలుగులోకి వచ్చింది. అమరావతి శిల్పకళ బుద్ధ విగ్రహం మలచడంలోను, నాగిని ప్రతిమల రూపురేఖలలోను తనదైన ప్రత్యేక గుర్తింపు పొందింది. ఆగ్నేయ ఆసియా, శ్రీలంక దేశాలకు ఈ శిల్పకళ విస్తరించింది. ఇక్కడ లభించిన శాసనాల వలన బ్రాహ్మీలిపి నుండి తెలుగు లిపి పరిణామ క్రమంలో తొలి నాలుగు దశలను తెలుపుతుంది. శాసనాలు, శిల్పాలు స్థానిక పురావస్తు ప్రదర్శనశాల, చెన్నైలో పురావస్తు ప్రదర్శనశాల, బ్రిటీష్ మ్యూజియము లలో భద్రపరచబడ్డాయి.